Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Volunteer Vignette

Loft volunteers do many things. We sit at the membership table before screenings and talk to people about the benefits of being a member, and we talk to people about upcoming shows at the Loft. We sometimes go to special events like the UA Master’s in Film students’ final films and sit at a table talking to people about The Loft (then we can stay to watch the films if we want!). We take tickets before highly-attended shows at the theater, we sometimes help the staff with special projects, and some of us even meet Luanne in the office and do data entry.

I volunteered at the Tribute-to-Michael-Jackson-Sing-Along, which sold out—-and it sold out fast! As I looked around at the 500 people in the theater having a great time singing and dancing to the music, I realized this was how we were saying goodbye to an icon from our time and culture who gave us so many tunes and dance moves. During the dance-off at intermission, all 500 people chanted the name of the winning dancer—-a truly incredible Michael Jackson-inspired young dancer. The energy was a mixture of sentiment, spontaneity, and happiness. I felt lucky to be there that night.

A volunteer earns free movie tickets by volunteering. I volunteer for so much more than that, though of course I LOVE free tickets. I am being paid in experiences: I am witnessing the passion and the joy that art and film and music and interesting topics can incite in those around me, and each time I volunteer at the Loft, I feel in some small way that I am helping The Loft happen. I Love Volunteering at The Loft!

~ Peggy Springer, Loft Volunteer since January 2009

If you are interested in volunteering at The Loft Cinema, please visit our website for more information.

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  1. Pegs that was so inspiring. I wish so much I could have volunteered @the loft. Next time I'm in Tucson I'll let u know and we'll have to see what we can wrk out. You guys r so awesome f/paying tribute to the king of pop too. Thanks, Loft Cinema f/doing that. He truly was a special part of our childhoods. "If they say why, why? Tell 'em that it's human nature"
    P.S. nice glove! ;-)