Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grindhouse Movie Trailer Massacre Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of The Loft's recent Grindhouse Movie Trailer Massacre, a 48 Hour Film Challenge.

BEST FILM: "Freak Mart" by Team A.L. Baer

AUDIENCE AWARD: "Kung Fu Killbots" by Team Grindhouse

BEST ACTING/PERFORMANCE: "Stumpy" in "They Called Her Stumpy" by Greenless Pictures

BEST SCREENPLAY/STORYLINE: "Arbor Day" by Red Productions

BEST EDITING: "Biker Babes from Beyond" by Tall Ship Productions

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: "They Called Her Stumpy" by Greenless Pictures

Bonus Categories:

BEST GORE: "Freak Mart" by Team A.L. Baer

BEST NUDITY: "The Cheerleaders' Bloody Pom Poms" by Ninja Kill Squad

Now strap on your 3-D glasses for "They Called Her Stumpy," which has already been put up on Youtube by its web-savvy director.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Fan Gets Big Props

Big Fan's accolades continue to grow. In addition to being called "easily one of the best, and most creative, films of the year" by the Tucson Weekly's James DiGiovanna, Big Fan recently made a splash at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, where it was nominated for Best Feature, as well as serving as the springboard for Robert Siegel's Breakthrough Director and Patton Oswalt's Breakthrough Actor nominations. Catch it at The Loft while you can.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something to Do When You're Not at The Loft...

Some of our Loft staffers have lives outside The Loft, too! Christian would like to invite you here:

Vicki Ragan, this year's winner of the UA Harold Jones Distinguished Alumni Award, will be giving a lecture at the Center for Creative Photography Auditorium at 5:30. A reception will follow the lecture in the Todd Walker Gallery at 7:30. For more information, please visit

The Loft at Pride in the Desert

THANKS to all of our fabulous LGBTQ friends and allies who stopped by our booth at Pride in the Desert this past Saturday! We will be announcing the winners of our ENTER TO WIN sweepstakes next week! Look for the winners right here and check your email inbox too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Member Spotlight: Penelope Starr

Name: Penelope Starr

Hometown: Originally NY. I’ve been in AZ since ‘81 and happily in Tucson for 13 years.

Age: 64

Loft member since: 2007

Livelihood/occupation/background/job: Founder and producer of Odyssey Storytelling, a monthly event at Club Congress where 6 people share 10-minute personal stories based on a changing theme. I also teach storytelling at Pima College Continuing Education. You can see more at

Favorite genres: Documentaries, classics, independents, foreign films

A few of my favorite films are… Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Women (the original not the horrible remake), Jules and Jim, Before Night Falls, Pricilla Queen of the Desert, Young at Heart, Grey Gardens, Short Bus, I’ve Loved You So Long, The Garden.

I fell in love with films… When I was a young teen and my parents wouldn’t let me see Psycho - so I saw it at least 10 times. I learned how to close my eyes at the scary parts and I didn’t actually watch the shower scene until I was in my 40s.

My favorite Loft memory/anecdote is… The Pricilla/ABBA Sing-a-Long featured my friends Oscar & Mad who got all dressed up - That costume contest was the silliest and most fun event.

My favorite person to go see a film with at The Loft: The Movie Starz, a group of women who have been meeting once a month for five years. We choose an early movie and then go out to dinner and discuss it (and everything else)

My favorite Loft concession/snack bar item/s: A bottle of beer. The added fun is hearing at least one bottle roll on the concrete floor towards the front during the movie.

My favorite thing about the Loft is…. That it’s in Tucson! We’re so lucky to have this amazing resource. I love hearing actors / directors talk about their work, I love the programming variety, I love that the air conditioning works! Plus being a member has so many great benefits, the free popcorn, monthly free movie, free popcorn, discounts at every show, free popcorn, and the knowledge that you’re supporting a Tucson treasure. And did I say free popcorn.

Get in touch with me:

If you are not a member please consider joining us at:

If you are a member or volunteer of The Loft Cinema & would like to be featured in our “member/volunteer spotlight” column please email

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Member Spotlight: Jack Challem

Name: Jack Challem

Hometown: Montreal and Chicago, and several other major stops (e.g., Santa Fe and Portland) en route to Tucson!

Loft member since: at least 2006

Livelihood/occupation/background/job: nutrition and health writer

Favorite genre/s: foreign, indie, sci-fi

Favorite actor/s: Julie Delpy, Juliette Binoche, Frances McDormand, and so many little-knowns

Favorite director/s: Sigh, the late Francois Truffaut

A few of my/our favorite films are: I’ve Loved You So Long, Let the Right One in, After Life, Blue, Departures, Shaun of the Dead, Two Days in Paris (with Two Days being the funniest film I think I’ve ever seen)

I fell in love with films: in the late 1960s, at the Aardvark Cinema in Chicago’s Old Town.

My favorite person to see a film with at The Loft: She knows.

My favorite thing about the Loft: That Tucson just wouldn’t be the same without the Loft Cinema, especially foreign and indie, is probably the most creative of all creative media, a humbling statement coming from a writer and fine-art photographer

To get in touch with Jack:

If you are not a member please consider joining us at:

If you are a member or volunteer of The Loft Cinema & would like to be featured in our “member/volunteer spotlight” column please email