Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grindhouse Movie Trailer Massacre Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of The Loft's recent Grindhouse Movie Trailer Massacre, a 48 Hour Film Challenge.

BEST FILM: "Freak Mart" by Team A.L. Baer

AUDIENCE AWARD: "Kung Fu Killbots" by Team Grindhouse

BEST ACTING/PERFORMANCE: "Stumpy" in "They Called Her Stumpy" by Greenless Pictures

BEST SCREENPLAY/STORYLINE: "Arbor Day" by Red Productions

BEST EDITING: "Biker Babes from Beyond" by Tall Ship Productions

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: "They Called Her Stumpy" by Greenless Pictures

Bonus Categories:

BEST GORE: "Freak Mart" by Team A.L. Baer

BEST NUDITY: "The Cheerleaders' Bloody Pom Poms" by Ninja Kill Squad

Now strap on your 3-D glasses for "They Called Her Stumpy," which has already been put up on Youtube by its web-savvy director.

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