Thursday, December 3, 2009

Staff Spotlight: Mike Wilkins

Name: Mike Wilkins, but I’m also known simply as “Pants”. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell ya.

LOFT Staff position: Projectionist/cashier/popcorn connoisseur

I have worked at THE LOFT since: I believe I first started here sometime in late 1999, so going on a decade now!

I grew up in: I was born and raised right here in T-town

Birthday/Age: Beware the ides of March, because I’ll be out celebrating. I’ll be turning 27 soon, and I’m already feeling it in my joints.

When I am not at THE LOFT I: Well, I like to wander aimlessly through the streets of downtown Tucson and peoplewatch a lot, or play music with my band “butterpump”. I like making claymation shorts too, but it requires a lot of free time I usually don’t have.

I work at THE LOFT because: I’ve always loved the loft in its various locations and reincarnations, and I guess just the fact that we show films you can’t see anywhere else in town keeps me excited. That, and the popcorn.

A few of my favorite films are: American Movie, Alice, The Last Waltz, Come and See, In the Realms of the Unreal, The Swimmer, Raising Arizona, Fantastic Planet, Paths of Glory, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, The Cable Guy, Walk Hard, and Allegro non troppo to name just a few.

My favorite directors are: Werner Herzog, Stanley Kubrick, Jan Svankmejer, and Ben Stiller just for Cable Guy… Genius.

My favorite LOFT experience: I’ve had way too many to talk about here, but one of the funniest was the day that the only people to show up to see “Grateful Dawg” all day was the band “Phish” and their roadies. Go figure.

My favorite thing about the Loft: Aside from all the great films I get to see, it’s the customers and co-workers I really appreciate. I’ve met a lot of really awesome people while working here!

Make up your own question here: What’s your ideal night at the theatre? Well, I like to “Tea Off” with a nice Arnold Palmer, then get some Popcorn with Tapatio mixed in it, and watch whatever awesome new documentary is playing with my wife. Then I’ll probably have a PBR or three. What a night!

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