Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Stranger in the Lobby - Peggy Springer

Tonight after

Watching wings of desire

At the loft

Which is about angels

And how they are all around


I was waiting in the lobby for tim

And I was standing by kyle at the ticket booth

And a lady basically walked right up to me

And said are you waiting for your angel?

I said I wish

She said we all have one

And every nation has one

She went on to talk to me and ask me questions

Did I like the film

What did I like about it

Then she told me her version of what everything meant

And what the filmmaker meant with every detail, etc

Even though she fell asleep for part of the film!

She made some good points though

And she was very friendly

And I told her I’m a volunteer so I’m around a lot

So maybe I’d see her again

And she asked me did I see umbrellas of cherebourg

And I said yes and she went on to tell me

About all the symbolism

In that and what everything meant…..etc.

Great lady!

Her husband walked up to us at one point

And asked us if we wanted any red vines,

Which he was holding

She laughed and said no

And when he walked away she said, that’s my husband.

Peggy Springer volunteers at The Loft when not working at a local coffee shop. She loves to write, take pictures, read, and watch things on screen. Peggy is considering returning to school, and otherwise does her best to welcome whatever life throws her way. Check out the Volunteer Vignette written by her on this blog. If you're interested in volunteering at The Loft, please visit our website for more details.

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