Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name: Wang Dang Dingle Dangle Diddly Doodly Diggity Danny...or just Daniel :)

LOFT Staff position: Projectionist and such

I have worked at THE LOFT since: September 11th 2009

I grew up in: A lot of different places in North Carolina

My birthday/age is:  12/03/74

When I am not at THE LOFT I: to be camping on the mountain, away from it all. I also like recording original music under the banner of Project 774.

I work at THE LOFT because: I love movies and The Loft tends to show the better ones. I stay at the Loft because it's populated with good people.

A few of my favorite films are: I can only put a few? Ok. Cool Hand Luke, Shaun of the Dead, Halloween, House of the Devil, Invasion (aka Top of the Food Chain), Friday the 13th part 4, Die Hard, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Bronson, The Empire Strikes Back, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Road House, Black Christmas, Hot Rod, Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles...I'll stop now I guess...

My favorite directors are: Edgar Wright, The Coen Brothers, Martin Scorcese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Danny Boyle, John Carpenter, David Fincher

My favorite LOFT experience was: So far? Working the overnight on the Scream-o-rama last year. Such a long, silly night finished off with drinking coffee on the patio and watching the sun come up with Dan-ager and Christian.

My favorite thing about the Loft is: I couldn't pin it down to one thing. I love it all. Cleaning the theater while the Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout CD plays. Getting turned on to new movies and music by my co-workers. Mondo Munchies! Cleaning the popper (no really, I actually like doing it) Watching Rocky people lose it on the floor while running around the lobby to hit a cue. Anything Dave says.

Make up your own question here: How can I find out more about your music?  Gee whiz, thanks for asking! Just search Project 774 on Facebook. All the music is free, as music should be!

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