Friday, May 13, 2011

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Christian Ramirez

Christian Ramirez has been a staple at The Loft for almost five years now.  In order to pursue her lifelong passion for art, she'll be leaving our employ.  We wish her only the best, and her departure is only bearable because we know we'll see her around soon and often as a customer and a friend.  Here are her parting words:

Name: Christian Ramirez

LOFT Staff position: Floor Staff, but more specifically Box Office Queen.

I worked at THE LOFT from: September 1st, 2006 - May 13th, 2011 [RIP]

I grew up in: Tucson!

My birthday is: August 31, 1987. 
When I am not at THE LOFT I: Like to spend time with my fat cat Mulder, re-watch X-files episodes, taste delicious beers, make potato tacos, watch movies [duh], and make pictures. 
I worked at THE LOFT because: It's one of the places that makes Tucson a great place to live. Great films, great beer, great people, and great popcorn. 
A few of my favorite films are: The Three Amigos, Amelie, Rushmore, Magnolia, Die Hard 2, The 400 Blows, Blazing Saddles, The Royal Tenenbaums, Selena, Chinatown, The Graduate, Raging Bull, The Big Lebowski, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, To Kill A Mockingbird, anything with Nicolas Cage... 
My favorite directors are: Coen Brothers, David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Joon-Ho Bong, Wes Anderson. 
My favorite LOFT experience was…: There have been so many - Watching the sunrise with Danny and Dan at Scream-o-Rama, planting the patio flowers with Tim, The Great Oil Spill of 2010, Anthony singing, Dale's muppet laugh that can be heard anywhere in the building, Pedro drawing up plans of attack, Having Whole Foods adventure with Alyson, Listening to Coast to Coast with Pants, Watching Dave chase after people riding bicycles across the patio, Never losing to Evan at cards, Talking hockey with Kyle, and of course all conversations with Dorothy. 
My favorite thing about the Loft is…: The staff, I have the best co-workers which makes leaving the Loft incredibly hard. 

To my adoring fans: I have loved working at The Loft, and am sad to leave BUT will now be able to enjoy the awesome programing we have from inside the Main theater! It's been great getting to know our members, the community that The Loft has built is pretty spectacular so to anyone who hasn't joined, do it! It's a magical place that everyone in Tucson should support. It's independent establishments such as this that make Tucson unique, and a very special place to live.

Oh! And to anyone who is afraid that they'll never see my beautiful face, don't fret! I am working at another wonderful Tucson non-profit where I will convince you to become a member, Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson!

To get in touch with me on the inter-webs visit:

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