Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Golden Gong Awards – Interview with Grand Prize Winner Alex Italics by R.J. Cavender

So, how does it feel to win the 5th Annual Golden Gong Awards?
Significantly better than losing the last four.

What are you going to do with the $1000 prize winnings?
I’m not seeing anywhere near that much money after I give Max his cut.

Where did you get your inspiration for “A Ballpoint Story”?
Sometime last year I attended a risk management insurance seminar at a local hotel’s conference room. The place sat about two hundred people, and they “generously” left a ballpoint pen at each desk seat to better serve our note taking. Just before the seminar began, I had to jot something down. Not only did the pen at my desk fail to function, but literally about two dozen other pens I tried were all duds. After my ensuing period of suicidal ideation, I decided to tell my harrowing story on film.

How long did it take to create your film?
“A Ballpoint Story” was shot in one evening and edited intermittently over the course of the following week.

How long have you been making short films?
Although “A Ballpoint Story” was my directorial debut, I’ve tried to weasel my way into the production of other local short films for years.

Plans for the future?
I plan on holding a fundraising event in the near future. The cost to enter will be two cans of food. Inside we will be selling raffle tickets for five dollars each. The grand prize will be all the cans of food we collect at the door.

Any advice for other filmmakers on how to avoid the dreaded gong at First Friday Shorts? Any advice for those who’ve been gonged already?
Like Mike Sterner, I give ten words of free advice.

In your opinion, what makes a great short film?
Penis jokes, Star Wars parodies, homosexual stereotypes, gratuitous gun battles, and poop humor.

Will you be entering any other shorts in the near future for First Friday?
Yes. Stay tuned for “A Ballpoint Story 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

Anything else you’ve got going on?
Well, I’ve still got about 30 hours of court-ordered community service to get cracking on. Speaking of which, can you initial this and send it back to me?

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  1. I was amazed by both Alex Italics films screened on Friday. They were truly in a league of their own. Good job!